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Combining Expertise

At Down Creators we combine our experience in processing high-quality European down and feathers with the manufacturing of natural bedding products. Our comprehensive range includes down duvets, pillows, and mattress toppers filled with a blend of down and feathers, all crafted with great attention to detail.

Flexible Production

We are dedicated to use 100% natural materials in our bedding manufacturing, guaranteeing exceptional quality. With a diverse selection of sizes and a wide range of filling qualities, we are able to provide tailored bedding products, suitable for retail, wholesale, hotels, and specialized stores.

Discover how Down Creators can be your trusted partner to expand your business with natural bedding products.

Natural Down Duvets

We offer a diverse collection of 100% natural down and feather duvets. With a diverse collection and a wide range of options available, including different filling qualities, textiles, sizes, and warmth levels, we give the flexibility to target different customer segments.

Our down and feather duvets offer high insulating properties, providing optimal warmth and comfort. The natural breathability of down allows for effective moisture regulation, ensuring a dry and comfortable sleep experience.

How To Compose Your Down Duvet

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Down Quality

Choosing the right down quality is the basis of your down duvet. In general, the higher the quality, the higher your volume, relative warmth, fill power, and price will be.

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Filling Weight

The higher the filling weight, the warmer your duvet becomes. This is true when using different weights of the same filling quality. When using a lower quality, a higher filling weight should be used to obtain a similar result in volume and warmth.

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The selection of your textile is linked to the quality of the down in your duvet. When working with a high quality down, it is advised to use a light textile. This allows the down to take its maximum volume.

Down and Feather Pillows

Down Creators is specialized in the production of natural pillows with down and feather fillings. Our expertise in down and feather processing gives us a stable and reliable supply of materials to produce both tailored series of luxury high quality down pillows and large productions for wholesale.

Our collection is thoughtfully designed to accommodate various sleeping preferences. With options for different levels of softness and support, we have the perfect pillow for every sleeping position.

How To Compose Your Down & Feather Pillow

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Down Quality

The choice between feathers or down forms the basis of your pillow. Down gives a pillow softness and fluffiness, while feathers provide volume, support, and are a cheaper alternative.

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A feather filling is suitable for firm pillows and is a cost effective filling material. Down is preferred for soft and premium quality pillows. Combinations of both down and feathers can create a balanced result in both cost and support.

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The choice of your textile can influence the softness and overall feeling of the pillow. When using feathers it is advised to use a thicker textile, while light textiles are preferred for high quality down pillows.

Natural Mattress Topper

A down and feather mattress topper is an perfect solution to increase the comfort of a mattress, using only natural materials. The cotton textile with box structure and inner walls gives it an optimal volume and support. The down and feather filling regulates your body temperature and humidity, improving the sleeping comfort.

Advantages of Down and feather bedding products

Experience natural sleep

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Down has the ability to regulate your body temperature without overheating. This makes it a preferred filling for both cold and moderate temperatures.

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A down and feather filling allows your duvet or pillow to breath. The ability to take in humidity and slowly release it back into the air provides a dry and comfortable sleeping environment.

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Natural & Sustainable

The fixed layer structure of TXdown keeps all down and fibers in place without moving around. This effectively eliminates cold spots and improves the thermal insulation of the final product.

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Long Lifetime

Down and feather pillows and duvets have a longer average lifetime compared to down alternatives. For down duvets this is up to 20 years and 3 to 5 years for pillows.

Sleep better, Live better

Available Certifications

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OEKO-TEX Standard 100

All our products are certified according to the OEKO-TEX 100 Standard. This ensures that our bedding products are safe to use for close to skin contact and that is does not contain any harmful substances

GRS Recycled

Circular economy and waste reduction are at the core of our company. This is why we are dedicated to make our products available with recycled down and feathers, with GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certification.

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RDS - Responsible Down Standard

At Down Creators we are committed to sustainable and responsible sourcing of down and feathers, in compliance with animal rights. To support your marketing activities, all our products are available with RDS certification.

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The down and feather fillings used in our bedding products are available with DownPass certification, indicating traceability and promised quality levels.

Available Certifications

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Production Services

At Down Creators we are dedicated to develop the products that best meet your needs. We offer private label and white label production, filling services, and our own ready collection.

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Силвия Георгиева

Мениджър продажби спални продукти
Tel: +359 87 697 7700

silvia georgieva

Силвия Георгиева

Мениджър продажби спални продукти

Tel: +359 87 697 7700