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Light as air with warmth that adjusts to your internal thermostats, down and feathers are natural, recyclable, and their manufacture requires a far lower carbon footprint than synthetic materials to keep us warm. Natural … warm … green.


The softest and warmest insulator created by nature, perfect to keep warm

Down is a unique insulator only found in three families of animals, ducks, geese, and swans. Almost all down comes exclusively from the meat industry and is considered a by-product. After extensive washing and treatment a noble, light, and soft insulator is obtained which has proved to be one of the best (if not the best) insulators on the market.


Support and resilience,
the perfect material for comfort

When down and feathers are processed the lightest elements and more heavier feathers are sorted to obtain different quality levels. Every level contains feathers of a different size, all having their own characteristics. 

Because of these different quality levels feathers are perfect to use in a mix to add specific characteristics such as resilience and to reduce the price.

Application Domains

Down provides the perfect filling for a light summer or extra warm and thick winter jacket. 



A down and feather filling for comforters provides optimal insulation at night while also ensuring optimal loft.


Down and feather pillows offer a variety of advantages to improve your sleep comfort. Down has the capacity to transfer your humidity, keeping you dry and comfortable, while feathers are giving you good support.

A mattress topper with feathers creates an ultra soft feeling when you sleep and provides additional support to your back and neck.


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