Designed by nature, refined by technology

What is TXdown®

TXdown® is a completely new concept in natural insulations. By selecting small down clusters and the softest down and feather fibres we have created a totally new filling for a host of applications. We have developed a system to fix these clusters and fibres together with a binding solution that is extremely soft, flexible and imperceptible to touch.

One Single Layer

The result is a single layer of insulation composed of 75% natural fibres and 25% technical fibres, providing optimal volume and insulation power. Working with a fixed layer compared to regular down means that the filling will stay in place eliminating cold spots that might occur in traditional blow filled garments.

With TXdown we want to revolutionize the confection of down jackets by using down in a fixed layer.

Down With a Difference

TXdown® has excellent thermal characteristics and uniform insulation properties, performing very well compared to other natural insulations, and outperforming most, if not all synthetic fibres.

Due to its ability to breathe and regulate your temperature, TXdown® is optimal insulation for both summer and extreme winter conditions.

Endless Quilt Options

Thanks to its single-layer construction, one of the key advantages of TXdown® is that it can be quilted in virtually any design you want. This removes many of the limitations associated with regular blow fill constructions. By introducing a highly innovative natural down-based insulation onto the market, we immensely expand the possibilities of design, performance, and flexibility of applications in a variety of industries.


Recycled Down

TXdown® is committed to a cleaner future for all This is why we offer GRS-certified TXdown®, made from recycled down and feathers. The down and feathers are collected from used jackets and comforters to give them a second life after being washed and treated extensively.

With our new technology we are able to ensure a stable quality with recycled materials, providing all the performance levels of new down and feathers.

Not Just Another Insulation

The exceptional insulation capacity of our 150gsm TXDown® means it is perfect for parkas and coats where you just want the insulation on the inside. Lighter and more packable than any synthetic, it is incredibly versatile for use in an insulated lining. By bringing a completely new natural insulation onto the market, we immensely expand the possibilities of design, performance and flexibility in manufacture.

City or Mountain

TXdown® works in the outdoors, whether it's in the city or on the mountain. It is light, warm, soft, and can be used in many applications. The infinite quilt variations mean endless expressions.

OEKO-TEX® certified

TXdown® and its components have been fully tested by OEKO-TEX®. All materials used in its manufacture have been certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Application Domains

TXdown® makes it easier than ever to create a jacket with a down and feather filling. The wadding makes it possible to use different design which are not possible with regular down. It’s light, it’s warm, it’s soft!

A TXdown® comforter has several advantages. Apart from it being more economical compared to regular down comforters, TXdown® reduces cold spots in your quilt and provides optimal insulation. Being available in different weights, TXdown® is also perfect for both summer and winter comforters.

A quilted cover to make your feather pillow even softer? TXdown® is your optimal choice as an outer layer!

We made a special type of TXdown® with a mix of feathers to function as a matress topper. The feathers create the resilience you need to have an optimal support and soft feeling when you touch your matress after a long day.

TXdown® Nature Meets Technology