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Our Promise Of Quality

With our own fully equipped laboratory right next to the production facility we have all the necessary testing devices needed to perform the quality control on each step of the production process. Our team is trained in two most reputed down and feather quality centers in the world – IDFL Switzerland and QTEC Japan. 

Every single lot of down and feathers passes an evaluation on the following parameters:

Hygiene and cleanliness: turbidity,
fat content, oxygen number

Fill power / Down power

Composition and labeling: down
content and specie analysis


For all our down products we are able to reach the highest quality levels regarding turbidity, down cluster content, and fill power. If you need more information about each quality aspect you can click on “more” to get a clear explanation about the quality level.

Turbidity icon

Up to
1000+ mm Turbidity

Turbidity indicates the cleanliness of down and feathers. It demonstrates the presence of dust or dirt (organic and inorganic).  U.S. and European standards require a result of at least 300 mm. Very clean samples register at 550 mm or higher. – IDFB

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Up to
96% Down Cluster Content

The percentage of the total content which is composed of down, nestling down, and plumules.

Fill power icon

Up to
850 Fill power

Fill power is a measure of loft, or the insulation ability of down products in cubic inches per ounce. The higher the number, the more fill power there is. – IDFB

Down Creators is certified by J-TAS, RDS, DownPass, and OEKO-TEX.

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