A Good Night Of Sleep Is Our Guarantee!

We are combining our expertise of treating high quality down and feathers with the production of ultra comfortable bedding products. In our new factory we combine the best of our down and feather products with finely selected fabrics to bring a feeling of luxury into the bedroom. We offer both our own brands as private label production.


Luxury is hidden in all small details combined, from the filling used in our duvets and pillows, the softness of our cotton textiles, to the finesse of the final stitching. It is this eye for detail at every step and the dedication of using only the best materials that give our bedding products a true sense of luxury.


Down is one of nature’s most prestegious filling materials. Due to its specific structure down has an excellent capacity to trap air, which makes it a perfect thermo-regulator. On top of that, down is a breatheble filling material. This allows humidity to pass through so you stay dry and comfortable all night!


All our EdenDown duvets are 100% natural, both the inside and the outside! For the outer fabric we use 100% cotton percale, 91 threads/cm2. This cotton blocks all down fibres from leaving your duvet to ensure a perfect night of sleep.



All our products are made in Europe, using only European down and feathers of the highest quality. All down and feathers are processed at our own processing facility, after which they receive a final quality check by our highly trained staff in our laboratory. With this we ensure that every product has the quality which is promised!


Down and feathers are a natural, recycleable, and biodegradable material, making it a real circular economy product. On top of this, through our innovative technology, we are able to reduce the environmental impact of the down and feather processing with up to 70%!


We believe in growth through quality and honesty. This is why all our bedding products are filled with new, white European down and feathers of high quality according to the European Norms (EN12934). With this quality guarantee we promisse every night to be an indulgence of luxury.


Whether you are a small retail store, boutique, hotel, online store, or a big wholeseller… we are confident that we can provide to your needs for qualitative down and feather bedding products.

We offer both our own brands and packaging and the possibility to work with your name and logo on the final products, depending on the size of your order. 


EdenDown is our flag ship brand using only qualitative European down and feathers to provide ultra-comfortable natural bedding products according to the European Norms. Our EdenDown bedding products aspire to provide an optimal sleeping experience at a responsible price. Using only high quality, soft percale cotton we ensure an optimal touch and block the most common allergens in your bedroom. With our special down fillings and signature grey piping we provide quality that can be easily distinguished from your regular bedding products. With our EdenDown duvets you can truly dream your way to the garden of Eden!


Down Creators offers the possibility for the production of private label bedding products made in Europe. With our new factory close to our down and feather processing facility we can offer a flexible production process with the possibility to produce different sizes, filling weights, filling types, and designs with or without your own logo.

Contact us to get a quotation for your needs.


Check out our catalogue for the Winter 2020 collection by sliding or clicking on the pages.

Check out our catalogue for our private label collection of bedding products by sliding or clicking on the pages.

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How To Choose Your Duvet

Every body temperature, season, and room temperature requires a different duvet. There are two criteria that can be considered in choosing your duvet, the quality of the down filling (fill power), and the filling weight used in the duvet. The higher the fill power, the higher the ability of the down filling to insulate, and thus to keep you warm. And accordingly, the higher the filling weight, the higher the warmness of the duvet.

Winter: Our winter duvets have a warmness scale of 6 or 7 and a filling weight of 250gr/m2 and higher. These duvets will keep you warm during cold winter nights and are perfect for room temperatures below 18°C or for those who tend to be cold at night.

All-Season: With our All -Season duvets we provide the perfect balance between warmness and comfort so it can be used all year round. Depending on the down quality and filling weight these duvets range between 3 and 5 on our warmness scale. Our All-Season duvets are perfect for room temperatures between 18 – 22°C and moderate climates.

Summer: Light and comfortable, our summer duvets are filled with 65 – 150gr/m2 . The lower filling weight will keep you covered and regulate your body temperature without overheating. Our Summer duvets are perfect for room temperatures above 22°C and for people who tend to be too warm at night.

Different Weights, Different Levels Of Support


Side Sleeper: 74% all of people sleep on their side. As a side sleeper you do best with a firm pillow to keep your ears in line with your shoulders. This reduces the stress on your neck and brings your spine in a straight position.


Back Sleeper: 10% of all people sleep on their back. As a back sleeper a medium support pillow will help you to keep your neck and back in a consistently neutral and comfortable position while on your back, providing a perfect alignment with your spine.


Stomach Sleeper: 16% of all people sleep on their stomach. As a stomach sleeper a soft pillow will best meet your needs to cushion your head and neck in a comfortable angle without creating an unnatural upward bend of your spine.